Dottie Fuentes

Board Member
Community Impact Committee

As a resident of DeKalb County and a licensed mental health counselor serving DeKalb County for the last thirteen years, Dottie is dedicated to improving the lives of neighbors, friends, community partners, and residents. She is passionate about creating opportunities and lending a helping hand to those in need. As the Chief Clinical Officer for the Northeastern Center, Dottie provides clinical oversight for mental health and addiction services and identifies clinical opportunities for new programming to meet the needs of DeKalb County residents. She recognizes the significance of intergenerational poverty and trauma. She is committed to finding solutions that reduce the impact of poverty and mental health on youth and families. Dottie wants to create a bright future for her children, neighbors, friends, and residents for years to come. She is grateful to serve DeKalb County through the United Way of DeKalb County board.