United Way of DeKalb County

invites you to be a part of supporting our friends, family, co-workers and neighbors by:


    We are promoting the overall health of our community by:

    • Offering mental health and addiction treatment.
    • Improving access to health care services.
    • Promoting healthy lifestyles.
    • Ensuring safety from violence.


    We are helping chilren and youth achieve their potential by:

    • Ensuring access to quality childcare.
    • Offering programs that teach positive life skills.
    • Setting them up for long-term success.
    • Helping students maintain or improve grade point averages and stay in school

    Financial Stability

    We are promoting greater financial stability and independence by:

    • Meeting basic needs like food, rent, and utilities.
    • Providing job training, edcuation, and placement that leads to living-wage employment.

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