Kindergarten Countdown


Kindergarten Countdown Camp 2016

What is KCD Camp?

Kindergarten Countdown Camp focuses on developing skills in literacy and social-emotional adjustment for children preparing to enter kindergarten. One in four children are not ready for Kindergarten but through intensive intervention by programs like Kindergarten Countdown Camp, we can make an impact on the lives of these children today and well into the future!

KCD Camp 2016:

This summer, United Way's Kindergarten Countdown Camp partnered with two of the county's three school districts to host 80 children during the 4-week half day program. Children were invited to attend the camp based on their Kindergarten screenings. Each child was provided with transportation, breakfast and/or lunch, a Live United t-shirt, one book each day they attended camp, a bookshelf for their new home library, a backpack filled with school supplies for the upcoming school year, and 80 hours of instruction with a certified to teacher to give them the boost they need to hit the ground running when school starts in August!

KCD Camp makes a difference: 

  • In 2016, the group showed an average gain of 21% growth in the 4-week period
  • Participation in Kindergarten Countdown Camp relieved a lot of first day of school jitters for both the kids and their parents who particpated
  • Books to take home are a wonderful way for parents and children to bond and to emphasize the importance of parents as a child's first and primary teacher

Parents wrote:

"Carson attended the K Countdown Camp in June 2016. He told me everyday that he loved going to school. However, not having a nap was hard to adapt to. So, having him go through this camp, really helped him to get into the rhythm, of how Kindergarten will really be like. I can really say, that he loved doing this Kindergarten Countdown Camp!"

"His favorite part of Kindergarten Countdown Camp was bringing home a new book EVERYDAY!"

"He liked getting to make new friends and he isn't scared for Kindergarten anymore. We appreciate the chance for him to be in this program."

"This was a great program for the children! I wish it lasted another week - only because Pax loved it so much!"

"He never complained! Every day was fun for him and we loved reading the books he brought home."

"In my class, there was a student named M. When he began camp, he was not able to tell me the first letter of his name for several days. One morning, he came to camp smiling from ear to ear and said, "Mrs. Klenke I know what letter my name starts with." He then proceeded to tell me that his name started with the letter M…he and I were so proud of his accomplishment. By the end of camp he was able to write and identify all the letters in his name!"
-Teacher, K-Camp 2016

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