2016 Day of Caring Frequently Asked Questions


What is Day of Caring?

Day of Caring is a community-wide volunteer event coordinated by United Way of DeKalb County. This event connects individuals and teams of volunteers from organizations throughout the area with service projects at agencies and community sites in DeKalb County. All projects are held on one day – June 23, 2017. Last year, that meant that over 500 volunteers were working at service projects on one day.

Who do I contact with questions about Day of Caring?

Please contact Brooke Wyant with all questions. She can be reached at brooke@unitedwaydekalb.org or 260.927.0995 ext 13.


Project Applications Available - April 3rd
Project Application Deadline - May 12th
Volunteer Registration Opens – April 3rd
Volunteer Registration Deadline – May 12th
Day of Caring – June 23rd


When does registration open to volunteer teams?

Registration opens April 3rd

How do volunteers sign up?

Volunteers need to submit a registration form to participate as a team or an individual.  The forms are available on our web site at www.unitedwaydekalb.org/doc.

Team Leaders (Crew Chiefs) need to submit one team application, and then each team member listed will receive an email with the link to electronically sign the Volunteer Liability Waiver form and select their T-shirt size. Team members are NOT signed up for Day of Caring until they complete the waiver.

Individual volunteers need to complete the Individual Volunteer application and sign the liability waiver at the end of the application.

The deadline for team and individual registration is Friday, May 12th

What if I miss the deadline?

All registrations received by the deadline – May 12th – will be guaranteed a Day of Caring t-shirt.  We will continue to accept registrations but can not guarantee a shirt for all participants. Orders will be filled based on availability. 

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone over 18 can volunteer.  You don’t have to be part of a team or even a company.  We accept all volunteers whether it is an individual who wants to make a difference or an organization with 100 employees who want to volunteer.  Volunteers under the age of 18 may participate with their parent or guardian, as long as we receive a liability waiver signed by the parent or guardian.

Can I volunteer as an individual or do I have to join a team?

You can sign up as an individual.  In most cases, you will be added to a project where another team is volunteering.

When will I get my shirts?

T-shirts will be available to all participants registered by May 12th.  Pick up will be at the United Way office at 208 S. Jackson Street, Auburn, IN 46706.  Those participants registered after May 12th will receive shirts based on the supply available.

What sizes are available?

Shirts are available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL & 4XL sizes.  All are adult sizes.

Are the shirts men’s or women’s sizes?

They are unisex sizes and are made of pre-shrunk cotton.

Am I guaranteed a shirt in my size?

All orders placed prior to May 12th are guaranteed the sizes based on their order.  Any changes to the order after May 12th or orders placed after May 12th will be filled based on availability. 

Does my project include lunch?

Yes, lunch can be picked up by a member of your team or your Crew Chief or you and your team can come back to the National Military History Center for lunch to enjoy Timmy's BBQ.  Delivering of lunches by Staff and/or other volunteers will not be available.  Someone from your team must pick up your lunches.

Do we have to provide tools or materials for the project?

In order to keep costs down, we ask volunteers to provide any tools that they have available. However, if your team does not have the needed tools, the homeowner, agency, or United Way of DeKalb County will provide all materials.

What if I have more people who want to participate after we have been assigned a project?

As long as you remain within the maximum number of volunteers required for the project, we can add new people.  If you have too many new volunteers join, we may have to consider a different or second project.

Where do we get the Volunteer Liability Waiver form?

A Volunteer Liability Waiver form will be emailed to each team member once the Crew Chief completes the team registration. If you do not receive a link to the Volunteer Liability Waiver form you may find it at: http://www.unitedwaydekalb.org/day-caring-volunteer-waiver.

What if my project gets rained out?

If a project has to be rescheduled due to the weather, it is up to the volunteer team to ensure that the project gets completed at a later date, preferably within one week..

I can’t participate in a project during work hours. Is there anything I can still do?

Yes!  Just because you can’t join us at a worksite doesn’t mean you can’t help out.  There are many ways that you can make a difference in your community. On Day of Caring, we are encouraging all in DeKalb County to wear their LIVE UNITED shirts and pledge to do one thing that day to better the lives of their neighbors or improve the quality of life in DeKalb County. LIVE UNITED reminds us that by reaching out a hand to ONE, we influence the condition of ALL.

If you don't have a LIVE UNITED t-shirt they will be available for sale at the United Way of DeKalb County office.



What is the criteria for a homeowner or organization submitting a Day of Caring project?

The project must be in DeKalb County, must not require roofing, plumbing, electrical, or foundation work, and must benefit a nonprofit agency or a person or family in need.

How do organizations or individuals submit projects for Day of Caring?

Projects may be submitted at www.unitedwaydekalb.org/doc April 3rd - May 12th.  All applications will be reviewed and approved by United Way staff and Volunteer Committee before they are made available to volunteers.  Submitting an application does not guarantee that the project will be accepted, and any projects submitted after May 12th will only be considered if there are funds and volunteers available to complete it.

What is expected of the nonprofit or individual hosting a project?

Our goal with Day of Caring is to provide a meaningful volunteer experience.  We ask individuals to provide any available materials and tools for this project, or to financially contribute toward necessary supplies. Agencies are asked to provide all materials and tools for the project as well as an overview of their agency, the work they do and how they partner with United Way.

Agencies must also have liability insurance for this event. If agencies are not able to provide all materials and tools, they must contact the United Way of DeKalb County to make arrangements.

What types of projects are appropriate for Day of Caring?

We accept projects that help improve a home or agency such as painting, landscaping, organizing, etc. In addition, projects that promote United Way's focus areas of Education, Health, or Income will be given special priority.

Volunteers should not be asked to do projects that put them in danger or exceed reasonable work levels.  Projects that expose volunteers to dangerous conditions (cleaning up where needles could be present, using tall ladders, operating certain equipment, etc.) should be avoided. Roofing, plumbing, electrical and foundation projects will not be considered.